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Basic information for foreign companies

When you need student workers:

We will publish your job advertisement as soon as possible on our web site.

We advise you to agree on all the details (hourly rate, working methods, working hours, quality of work performed, safety and health at work, rules of your company or organization, etc.) with the candidate before starting work.

  • We have developed an efficient system for connecting employers with student workers based on more than 20 years of experience.
  • Job advertisements published on, reach secondary school and university students across Slovenia.
  • We offer the largest base of young people as we cooperate with approx. 100,000 different university/secondary school students annually.
  • We successfully place student workers in approximately 25,000 jobs per year.
  • We provide expert consulting and the personal administration of advertisements.
  • We quickly find and can easily make a selection of potential job candidates.
  • We notify suitable job seekers when we publish a job.
  • We resolve disagreements that arise between the employer and the student worker.
  • We offer the use of a high-quality and user-friendly e-office.

When applying for an open job, the student may attach a “My experience” document, which records expertise and skills that the applicant acquired while working via the e-Student Service. The document lists competencies per the type of work, which is specified in the referral.

If you wish to verify the listed experiences, write to us at: [email protected].

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