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Basic information for foreign companies

A referral is the legal basis for working via student service; therefore, it needs to be ordered before the start of the work. It is very important that you order the referral in due time, as such work is otherwise considered “undeclared work” and both the company and the student worker will be fined in case of a labour inspection.

You can also order the referral for the student at the company. Submit you order in the e-office under the tab Referrals / Order Referral.

If you are ordering the referral and you realize that the student is not on the list, as this the first time they are working for your company, click on Student is not on the list

You are required to enter:

  • the student’s surname and name,
  • the student’s e-mail address and telephone number,
  • the type of job.

If the student performs different jobs for the company, multiple referrals can be issued for different types of jobs. If the student works for multiple companies, they can have multiple referrals issued for various companies.

We send referrals in e-form to all companies that cooperate with us. Meaning: we do not send referrals via regular mail.

If you also require the referral in paper form, you can print it from the e-office under Issued Referrals.

The student will receive their referral via SMS and it is also accessible to them in their e-office.

You confirm (sign electronically) e-referrals on the e-office’s entry page, where you will see the notification: “There are XX new referrals that must be confirmed upon the start of the work.”

A referral printed from the e-office also constitutes an original.

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