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Basic information for foreign companies

e-Študentski Servis (e-Student Service) is an employment agency which mediates temporary and part-time work to high-school and university students.

Our agency specialises in providing temporary student work.

We help and advise:

  • employers in finding suitable candidates by enabling them to post job ads on our web page.
  • students in finding work experience - all current job postitions can be found on our web page.

The procedure is completely simple. Everything about students/pupils is in the programme (e-office) e-poslovalnica za podjetja.

To start cooperate with us, fill out our registration form.

In case of conflicts, e-Študentski Servis can help and advise you.

We will act as a mediator between you and the student.

In our experience, the majority of disagreements are quickly and successfully resolved upon the intervention of the student service.

When applying for an open job, the student may attach a “My experience” document, which records expertise and skills that the applicant acquired while working via the e-Student Service. The document lists competencies per the type of work, which is specified in the referral.

If you wish to verify the listed experiences, write to us at: [email protected].

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