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Basic information for foreign students

Current and up-to date job offers can be seen on our website.

We advise you to complete your application for active job seekers, so that we can send you notifications about new available jobs. In addition to that, only jobs that match your experience, knowledge and desires will be displayed in the YOUR JOBS section.

You can easily translate all parts of our webpage (also the job-search part) with one click of your mouse.

Click with the right button of your mouse and select "Translate to English".

The translations may not be perfect, but they will help you find jobs easier for sure.

If you find the job by yourself, it is important that you agree with your employer to working terms and the amount of the payment.

It is also important that you order a referral at the student service, which is the legal basis for your work. You must order the referral before starting work, because otherwise your work will be ''undeclared'' and in the case of an inspection, both you and your employer will be penalized.

Kako podaljšam status?

Piši nam na [email protected] ali pokliči na najbližjo poslovalnico.




Minimalna urna postavka za študentsko delo

Od 3. februarja 2024

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NOVOST: Enostavno beleženje ur


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