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Basic information for foreign students

Work through the student service is based on a referral that you can order online.

It's a document that you are obligated to have, before you start with work. Only information that we will need from you is name of a company that you'll work for and type of work.

The refferal is valid for the time of your yearly student status.

A referral is the legal basis for work through the student service, so you must always pick it up before starting work.

This is important, because otherwise your work will be ''undeclared'' and in the case of an inspection, both you and your employer will be penalized.

You can order it online.

Yes, you can have multiple issued referrals for different employers.

Yes, you can have multiple issued referrals for the same employer if you perform different roles within the employer.

You will receive a notification with a link to the e-referral (a PDF file will open). The referral will also be visible and accessible online.

You can print the referral in paper form or call us and we will print a duplicate for you.

You can contact one of our offices and we will cancel it for you.

Find the notification on your phone with a link to the referral or find a PDF document online and just click print.

The company validates (electronically signs) the referral in the e-office for businesses, and you can see the validation written on the e-referral.

Kako podaljšam status?

Piši nam na [email protected] ali pokliči na najbližjo poslovalnico.





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